Iceland | The Land of Fire & Ice | Part III

Back in the day, I was an avid horseback rider.  Even did a little barrel racing with my horse - Red.  Even though I haven't ridden in decades, I'm still in love with these majestic animals.  They are poetry in motion.  The Icelandic horse has a beautiful and unique look.  They were developed and bred in Iceland.  They are small in height, averaging only 13-14 hands; but don't call them a pony for that is considered an insult.  The government regulates the breed to insure it's health and purity.  If an Icelandic horse is taken out of the country it is not allowed to return.  This breed is considered hardy and sure footed which is a necessity giving the weather and terrain.

During my trip, we had a couple opportunities to shoot Icelandic horses.  They seemed to be big hams around the camera.  I just love their long manes and tails.  Although, personally, I couldn't stand all that hair in my eyes.


Breed traits include short muscular necks, long sloping back, short strong legs, long mane & tail (the latter which is set a little lower than the horses we see in the U.S.).  


The Icelandic horse comes in many coat colors - chestnut, black, palomino, gray to name a few.


Next generation of Icelandic horse.  This little one was the spitting image of its mom.


The guy on the left with the mop top hair looks like he could be a member of a 1960's boy band.