Sharing My Passion With Abby & Caitlin

This spring I spent a day sharing my photography passion and editing practices with two talented (up and coming) photographers - Abby and Caitlin. They each took turns being the model or photographer. When we were done taking pictures we huddled up with our computers, culled the images and edited a few of our favorites. Below are some of the images I captured from the day including a couple behind-the-scenes.



Abby is a recent graduate of St. Thomas University in St. Paul, Minnesota. As she begins her corporate business career she is also starting Abby Starr Photography.


For me, the most important elements in a portrait are expression, gesture and lighting. Expression does not necessarily mean a smile but rather conveying an emotion. Expression comes from the face such as the eyes, mouth, eyebrows, etc... Gesture refers to movement in the hands or body. It's our job as photographers to make the subject feel confident, relaxed and beautiful. We must establish trust and coax out gesture and expression.


Once the portrait is captured in the camera, we are halfway there. The next step is to edit or process the image. I start out in Adobe Lightroom and move to Photoshop for the finishing touches. For this particular photo, I added a creamy tone to the whole image and a subtle texture to the background.



Caitlin is my daughter. She called the day - "take your daughter to work day". I feel blessed to be able to share this passion for photography with her. 


Love how the fur hood frames Caitlin's face.





image by Abby.jpg

Abby did a good job capturing a genuine smile from Caitlin. I like the pose and that she is not looking directly at the camera. Caitlin appears to be interacting with someone outside of the frame giving the image a lifestyle vibe. Abby definitely has a processing style when it comes to color toning. Check out her portrait and travel images on Instagram at: astarrphoto (that's A -S - T - A - double R -photo).  Her website is currently under construction but will be housed at


Minnesota Workshop-48 by Caitlin.jpg

Love Abby's smile and the camera tilt angle in this image taken by Caitlin. She has positioned the model (aka Abby) to get great catchlights in her eyes. Abby's happiness is conveyed in the face (especially the mouth and eyes). Check out Caitlin's Instagram and Website at thecaddywife and, respectively.

When it was all said and done, the day was productive and fun!