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Kauai, Hawaii

Last May, my husband Tom and I took the family (daughter Caitlin, son-in-law Chris, and son Kevin) to Kauai, Hawaii to celebrate our 35-year wedding anniversary. It wasn’t an easy task to coordinate everyone’s schedule but we did it! Now my typical idea of a vacation is hiking or skiing in the mountains not a tropical beach location but I have to say - I absolutely loved Kauai! Of course having my kids and son-in-law there made it so special!

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Adventures In Canada - Banff, Yoho & Jasper Nat'l Parks

I've been thinking about going to Banff most of my life.  I'd heard stories about it when I was younger from my Gramps.  Last fall I had the opportunity to go with a group of eight other women (five of whom I'd  never met).  

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